Marketing to the Entitled Consumer

How to turn unreasonable expectations into lasting relationships


One morning in Lisbon, something clicked inside Dave and Nick, who looked at each other — almost in sync — and said, “we need to write a book.” They had been listening to an author talk about marketing effectiveness at a client conference, and could almost hear minds opening and gears turning as a packed room of professionals listened, learned, and started to think differently about a new and exciting approach to their work.

Dave and Nick had been in a months-long discussion about why forming durable connections with consumers was so hard, and they wanted to formalize their thinking and contribute something to the debate. Three years later, leveraging research from 7,000 consumers in the US and Europe, focus groups in four countries, and hundreds of interviews with marketers and experts, they completed Marketing to the Entitled Consumer.

Their goal is to challenge the status quo, encouraging marketers to try something new by creating a roadmap for changing how to build relationships with entitled consumers.

What's Inside?

Chapter 1


- Chapter 1 -
  • Why have consumer expectations changed
  • What are the four segments of “entitled consumers”
  • Why change how you market to entitled consumers
Chapter 2


- Chapter 2 -
  • How today’s marketing hurts more than it helps
  • Why consumers have stopped paying attention
  • The conflict between marketing and customer experience
Chapter 3


- Chapter 3 -
  • Why brand-consumer relationships are like friendships
  • What is, and isn’t, consumer-first marketing
  • Why it’s imperative to change your approach to marketing
Chapter 4


- Chapter 4 -
  • The different types of data available for personalization
  • Which are the right types of data for you to use
  • How to profit from personalized communications
Chapter 5


- Chapter 5 -
  • Rethinking your approach to customer journeys
  • How to develop adaptive customer engagement
  • Embracing omnichannel engagement
Chapter 6

Reciprocal Value
Forges Relationships

- Chapter 6 -
  • How providing value to consumers builds sustainable advantage
  • Six ways to deliver value to customers
  • Why moments, micro-moments, and mobile matter
Chapter 7

Relevance Strengthens

- Chapter 7 -
  • How relevant communications are crucial to relationships
  • Four ways to increase your relevance
  • How to develop the discipline of relevant engagement
Chapter 8

Respectful Empathy
Preserves Relationships

- Chapter 8 -
  • Why building trust is critical for today’s marketers
  • Why you should give consumers control of their relationship with you
  • Why restraint is so important to earning trust
Chapter 9

The Path to
Consumer-First Marketing

- Chapter 9 -
  • How to build a roadmap for consumer-first marketing
  • Identifying the five dimensions of consumer-first marketing
  • Why you should benchmark your maturity and build for the future
Chapter 10

The Consumer-First

- Chapter 10 -
  • How things will change in the consumer-first world
  • What you should do next
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What you'll learn

  • Who are entitled consumers? You’ll find research-based analysis of the different segments of entitled consumers, and learn what they want and when they want it.
  • How should I engage with entitled consumers? We provide strategies, supported by scores of case studies, that you can deploy to engage and build lasting relationships with entitled consumers.
  • How can I transform my approach to marketing? Leverage our consumer-first marketing framework and assessment models to benchmark your current approach and plan for the future.
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The Research

Marketing to the Entitled Consumer is based on both quantitative and qualitative consumer research and extensive interviews with marketers and thought leaders. The survey research was conducted among 7,000 consumers based in the following countries: France (1,000 consumers), Germany (1,000), Italy (1,000), Spain (1,000), the UK (1,000), and the US (2,000). The study was conducted by Research Now SSI between August 24 and September 27, 2017. Data analysis, including the development of the Entitlement Factor, was conducted by KGR+C, a strategic research, insights, and analytics consultancy.

Qualitative research includes interviews with marketers and experts, both in person and via phone calls. The authors also moderated four live discussion focus group discussions with consumers between September 2017 and February 2018 in Austin, Texas; London, UK; Munich, Germany; and Stockholm, Sweden. The interviews each included six to ten participants who were unknown to the moderators in advance of the interviews.


Consumers expect more than ever before. Frankland and Worth dive deep into understanding what this trend means to help you discover what it takes to win with the entitled consumer!

W. Dan Marks,
Chief Marketing Officer, Hancock Whitney Bank

Full of examples and practical advice, Marketing to the Entitled Consumer is both eye-opening and informative. It reminds us that it’s difficult but necessary to use every customer interaction as an opportunity to learn more about customers and serve them better — because, if we don’t, they’ll happily go elsewhere for those ever-better experiences...

Ginger Conlon, chief editor, MKTGinsight

In Marketing to the Entitled Consumer, Frankland and Worth define how to do marketing that puts the consumer first. I've learned just how powerful that can be in building INDOCHINO. If you want to market in a way that creates long-term, valuable customer relationships, move this book to the top of your reading list.


Finally a marketing book that sees around the corner to understand consumers of tomorrow and how to connect with them.

Steven Van Belleghem,
Author ofCustomers the Day After Tomorrow

Marketing to the Entitled Consumer offers a field guide to the habits, care and feeding of today’s new breed of demanding customers. Research-based and insight-packed, it explains what customers want and how you can give it to them. Must reading.

David M. Raab, Raab Associates Inc.

Great products and services are just table stakes to success. Companies must have an unrelenting focus on the needs of their key customers, especially as they become increasingly entitled. It’s more than just listening to what customers say. You must anticipate their unexpressed needs as well.

Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner of Temkin Group
and Co-Founder of the Customer Experience
Professionals Association